Some of us get moody, very bad-tempered, and contentious while having a formal discussion. We will engage in any argument, usually over trivial matters, that then escalate into full-blown fights. Stern remarks and emotional outbursts follow and become unbearable, causing uneasiness, strife and broken relationships among our colleagues.

The main reasons behind nasty quarrels are purely the results of the inability to hold back the built up emotional pressures, which eventually give way to outbursts and throwing out of senseless remarks that are both hurtful and painful. Prolonged and intense arguments can cause great harms to relationships over a long period of time.

Calm and restrained arguments are both necessary and helpful in any organization. They help to clarify our roles, reduce misunderstandings and improve communications. They help to encourage group works and team efforts. They help the organization to implement and monitor its plans and policies more efficiently and effectively.

It is advisable not to bring in private and personal matters while you are having any formal discussion. Speak professionally according to your expertise. Be courteous and considerate to others as you come forward and stress your points.

Enjoy your inner peace while dealing with your daily activities.


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

This is easier said than done when dealing with stubborn, very opinionated people.