Walking Around

Some of us upon reaching the office, will sit down and be glued to the chair like a crouch potato until the office hour is over. We only care to stand up and walk around when we have something urgent.

Some of us enjoy walking around, communicating with friends and colleagues. Many times this will help to improve our workloads through mutual sharing, understanding, encouraging, and reprimanding. Friends are a great thing to have in good times and bad times.

Some of us walk aimlessly all around, admiring the flowers, the plants, the trees and the beautiful landscape. It can be very satisfying. Walking into a garden and taking in deep and long breaths can bring wonders to our day. Hearing carefully the chirping of the birds in the air and on the trees can really be a stress buster. Yeah! We are not alone at all; the surrounding nature is breathtaking, bursting with energy and life.

Sometimes, walking around and hearing our own footsteps can be fun. Sometimes, stopping for a moment and listening to our heartbeats and breathings can bring smiles to our face. Ever wonder if God decides to take our heartbeat and our breathing away? It humbles us to know the power of God and His mercy and grace in allowing us to live so healthily for so much years despite the fact that we are breaking His rules and regulations every day. The Almighty God is indeed long-suffering toward us and not wanting us to perish; He has given us ample opportunities to set right our course and move straight on the narrow path of life.

As it is, let's walk around once in a while. But if your mind is troubled with unsettled thoughts and difficult decisions, then it will be nice to sit in an open and a quiet place, to ponder, to reason and to pray.

Remember, work is fun if you enjoy it by walking around. LOL


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I love to walk through gardens. At work when it's warm out, I like to read at the library garden 10 min. from my building at lunch time.