I was reading in a newspaper about three beggars fighting over a comfortable shelter in a street corner, in the midst of a heavy rain. They finally reached an understanding that whoever could prove that he was the richest among them deserved to have the shelter.

The first beggar showed off eight beautiful bowls. They were colorful and stylish bowls that he used to beg in every street corner according to his taste and liking. And He was seen laughing heartily.

The second beggar took out eight wonderful straw mats. They were beautifully designed and spacious mats. He claimed that he could sleep comfortably on cold and warm nights. And he threw out a satisfying smile.

The third beggar had nothing to show but his crippled leg. He told them that he never went hungry while begging with his broken leg. Just then a kind-looking old woman passed by and gave the third beggar a dollar note. The first and the second beggars sighed resignedly and quickly disappeared into the night, knowing that the richest man is not he who has much but he who knows how to use much with the little that he has.

Use your talents well before God gives them to someone else.


Esther said...

The last sentence is so touched !