Family Stories Go A Long Way

It is good to find someone in the family who can tell stories.

In my younger days, I loved to listen to all kinds of stories.

Not many people are good story tellers, but when I found one, I would stick with him or her for a long while.

There were many touching and inspiring stories that I had heard that moved me to tears and literally made my heart ache.

There were scary and creepy stories that made me screamed even on my bed and made my stomach turned.

There were many fairy tales with good moral lessons that seeped into my dreams and instructed me how to live a better life.

There were adventurous and mysterious stories that always captivated my imaginations and propelled my ambitions to further pursuit my dreams and visions.

There were funny stories that made me laugh and smile.


Not many of us had TV and radio in our younger days.

And so in the evening we always grouped together around our family members and neighbors nearby.

We listened to their talks.

We played chinese chess and animal chess.

We urged them to tell us stories.

Sometimes we had dances, singing and sketches where everyone clapped and laughed with tears.


I enjoyed my family closeness.

And I was always attached to my relatives, neighbors and friends.

We knew one another by names and family history.

And we had many stories to tell.

Every time we met, we would hugged one another, holding our hands tight.

Our stories always filled us with tears and laughter.

Yeah, family stories go a long way...


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