What would you do to reduce stress?

What would you do to reduce stress?
  • By playing sports?
  • By working out in a gym?
  • By listening to music?
  • By reading?
  • By doing something with your hands?
  • By taking a deep breath and saying the word “calm” silently to yourself?
  • By physical exercise and activities?
  • By using humor?
  • By using the mind to release tension by a process called visualization?
  • By dancing?
  • By traditional massage?
  • By joking and laughing together with family members, relatives, and friends?
  • By blogging, venting all the grievances and outrages?
  • By swimming or sailing?
  • By managing your time and your workload efficiently?
  • By using breathing techniques, such as those found in yoga and tai chi?
  • By taking hot bathes, saunas, and steam baths?
  • By gratifying your own needs?
  • By sleeping?
  • By screaming?
  • By using punching bag?
  • By cycling or brisk walking?
  • By admiring flowers and plants?
  • By visiting neighbors and friends?
  • By window shopping and people watching?
  • by prayer and meditation?

Whatever you do, please do not throw your problems, tensions, and anger onto innocent people.


Ann said...

I usually try taking a walk, or picking up my camera and taking pictures, or editing pictures on my computer.
I must confess though I've been known to take my anger out on an innocent person from time to time.

Phoenix2Life said...

Nice list of things to reduce or leave stress...

As such stress is natural response from human body which has been developed during our ancient days. Anyway I mostly listen to music, read funny book, pray and meditation or play/mingle with family and friends. Lately I have developed an habit to exercise and to relax. And sometime I drink calming tea to keep it peaceful. :D)

Cool...have a stressfree clam weekend ahead...