You Are Not Slow, Old Man

How many times have we made poor and bad decisions, hurting others and harming ourselves?

How many times have our careless words and idle-talks torn apart relationships and home?

How many times have our outbursts and self-indulgences caused more disagreements, conflicts and wars?

How many times have our careless, ruthless and indiscriminate actions threaten and brought shame to many including ourselves?

When we were young and inexperienced, we were curious and inquisitive, we were ambitious and daring, and we were zealous and adventurous.

But we did more harm than good then. Our progress, advancements, and achievements came at great cost. We earned more rivalry and bitterness. We had more discouragements and disappointments. We fell, and we fell hard and deep. Some never returned from their quests. Some struggled to come back but had since lived a defeated life.

No, old man, you are not slow.

It is just that you are more careful in your speeches, decision-making, and every single step you take.

It doesn't matter what others say. Some may think that you are wiser, others may think you are timid. Some may say that you are too slow and you worry too much.

It doesn't matter what they say. Just be more careful and consider all aspects. Be cool, and relax a bit.

I believe the price of growing up is the many mistakes and wrongs we make. We have become more humble and quiet. I believe it is a good sign. After all, God has called us to be slow to speak, quick to listen, and slow to become angry (James 1:19).

No, old man, you are not slow.


lizzie said...

A very thought provoking piece! It is true that we become slow and more measured in our actions as we age. Well, most of us do!