Lonely People

Life is a long and lonely journey.

Some people walk alone most of their life. They manage their own lives. They concentrate on their own works. They maybe highly sensitive to noise and disturbance. They may have certain weird habits and hobbies. But they just love to be alone. They can be very satisfied at times when they have found the right kind of friends. But they love to be alone and live at peace with people, domestic creatures, flowers and plants, musics and songs and dances, books and novels.......

Some people just cannot live without company. They may have their privacy in their secret room. But most of the time they just love to linger around friends and relatives. They have so much to talk. Some are rumor mongers. Some indulge in petty talks. Some just cannot live a day without criticizing others. Some can never talk seriously on any topic. Some just want to boast and draw attention. But there are many around for heart to heart talks and some quality discussions.

Some think lonely people must stay together often. Some feel that lonely people must get married. Some try very hard to gain friends and relatives, only to see them slowly walk away and disappear.

I believe lonely people must learn to manage their own lives first.

I believe lonely people must learn to be independent and self-sufficient in their own lives.

I believe lonely people should not come together because they are lonely, but because they have something important and necessary to share.

Lonely people need not be lonely.

Adam lives at peace with God and nature and he was happy.

Adam only yearned for Eve because he had something to share. He needed a companion and a helper.

Life is not lonely at all if we learn to live at peace with God, men and nature.

Enjoy your life and your "lonely" journey.......