Getting Things Organized

When life is in a mess, we need to take a deep look into ourselves.

When a computer is new, we use it the way we want it. We are happy to talk about it and we smile away happily. But with time, when the loading becomes slow, when there are error messages, and the frequent popping up of unwanted internet sites, we become annoyed, frustrated and scared. It is time to do some disc cleanup, scan and defrag drives, and run the antivirus and anti-spyware programs. The honeymoon period is over. It’s time to get real.

Lately, I discovered I had too many similar files in various folders of my computer. Some were documents on assessment tests and exams; some were personal thoughts on interesting topics; some were useful ideas that I had gleaned; some were files that should be thrown away long ago.

Oh! My computer was really in a mess; it was time to get organized.

For a full week, I thought through and tried various ways to go about it. It wasn’t easy to get things organized, especially if our priority was the ability to retrieve files fast and easy.

After some time, I managed to transfer all my files into new folders with wider categories. It was tedious work but it became easier with practice and in time.

Then I compiled the documents into various books with proper titles. I created a table of content, added some bookmarks and hyperlinks to make browsing easier. I also styled the documents in the formats required so that I could use them the moment I retrieved them.

It didn’t come easy. But the effort was sweet.

Now I can retrieve my documents any time I want and add on new documents whenever and wherever I want.

Organizing my documents in a logical manner makes my life easier and my work faster.

I suddenly realize that I have understood myself better.

Sometime it’s not the amount of work we put in, but the quality of the time spent.

As we grow in years, we must be able to see things in a wider, deeper, and fuller perspective.

Some of us just do not know what we have missed until it’s gone.

Appreciating life is a choice and a decision that we all have to make early.

It isn’t easy but it’s always good to get things organized.