True Love Is What Matters

A group of students were singing a song in front of a school assembly, dedicating it to the teachers. It was Teacher’s Day 2010.

It was a touching moment. They sang sweetly and sincerely. Everyone was quiet and listening, except for a few students who were still unable to stand still, and enjoy or treasure the few precious moments in life.

They sang in choir; in tenor and bass, alto and soprano. I didn’t really know the musical terms, but I loved the mixture of voices, the instruments, and the claps floating in the air; they worked well to present and create a wonderful atmosphere of love.

I believed the students must have many hours of practice before this. They sounded so natural and spontaneous, very soothing and comforting to hear.

Then teachers were presented with some bamboo crafts; more greetings and shaking of hand; and more laughter and heartwarming moment.

Then staff photo-taking session. Imagine more than 170 teachers wearing batik or coats, squeezing, posing, smiling and sweating together; it’s wonderful and memorial.

Then we had lunch together; tasty dishes and friendly staff, more than enough to share; and more stories and tales, and more delicious and filling meal.

Then, In the midst of it, we had birthday celebration for teachers born in the months of May and June. The birthday men and women were invited to the stage, presented a happy birthday song, and then came the cutting of the huge birthday cake, bringing in more broad smiles, jokes and photo-taking sessions.

What could you possibly ask for more?

Sometimes living together with simple people with simple lives bring more joy and fun than we can imagine.

You should try if you want to learn seriously about love!

True appreciation and gratitude is what we want.

We don’t need people putting up a show or a performance; a happy and meaningful occasion needs not be glamorous and rich in content.

What we really want is the people and their hearts.

True love is what matters.