In The Midst Of Our Difficulty

In the midst of our difficulty, when a battle is at hand,

We get panic and a sense of pessimism of the outcome.

We have prepared well in advance,

We have studied hard and knew the material,

And we have done fine on all our earlier exams and quizzes.

But now, as we enter into this final week of the trial,

The world suddenly becomes dark and gloomy again.

When Apostle Peter first stepped onto the water,

His eyes were fixed on Christ, and he walked to Jesus on the water.

But when Peter looked down, and considered all his circumstances,

He began to sink and asked Jesus to help him.

Life is of faith, hope, and love in the Lord Jesus Christ.

That is how we have walked and traveled for many miles,

And that is how we have faced our many difficulties and challenges.

We have never won a single battle on our own, not once.

As we look back on our days, and consider everything that has happened,

It’s never luck and coincidence; it’s never our labor and hard work,

It’s God, who has worked behind the scene,

And bring everything to pass, for our good.

In the midst of our difficulty, when a battle is ready,

Look forward and regain our confidence,

In the Almighty God who has gloriously led us for so far,

And achieve the dreams of our lives.

In the midst of our difficulty,

We pray and feel the peace of God in our heart and mind,

Happily and confidently continue our journey ahead.


imelda said...

thorugh life's journey no one can go anywhere wtout God's guiding hand

Bloglearner said...

Very inspiring, very well suited for students, i think the relation you made here is very good from examination to faith and all...รน