Life Lacks Direction

When we are teenagers, the world is filled with its many attractions and temptations. We are easily drawn into sensual excitement, irresistible fascination, endless stimulation, and crazy madness. And we hardly have time for anything uninteresting and unentertaining. In other words, we tend to get bored and tired of them very easily.

But in the course of our lives, there will be times when we have to do serious thinking, and make wise and appropriate decisions and choices for the good of our lives. There will come a time when we hesitate because of fear, uncertainty and insecurity in our heart and mind, thinking about what to do next.

When we are sure of what we want in life, we know where to go and how to proceed. We may hesitate and ponder for a moment, but we will walk and continue our journey with confidence. We walk with purpose and we are goal oriented. To us, life is a journey to chase after our dreams and to taste the fruits of our labor.

When we are no longer sure of our direction in life, we don’t know where or how to proceed. We walk aimlessly, feeling more unsecured and unhappy. We make mistakes and errors. Sometimes we even go back to the sweet old days, trying to forget about our dreams and aspirations, and thinking that life ahead is way too harsh.

Whatever we think about our journey of life, it is always a journey of clear direction. We must be sure of what we want, interested in what we do, and accountable for the final outcome.

Whatever happens, never entertain thoughts of giving up, and never overlook simple things.

Life is a journey of deliberation and adventure.

It is also a journey of faith in God, knowing that God will work all things well.

Life is a journey that requires clear direction.

Have you found yours?