A Changed Life

John 1: 39b-42


That day became the day of salvation for the two men. When they met Jesus for themselves, their lives changed forever. Two of those changes are highlighted here.

They Wanted To Stay With Jesus (39b). It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon. It was getting close to dark. But they were anxious to talk to Jesus. They spent the rest of that day, and probably that night, in His presence. And they spent the rest of their lives in His service!

That’s just how it is! When you meet Jesus and He changes your life, you will want to stay with Him forever. You will want to love Him, love His people, His house, His Word, His music. You will want to love everything that has to do with Him!

They Wanted To Share Jesus (40-42). After they had met Jesus, and their own salvation was settled, they wanted to share Him with other people.

Andrew went first to his brother, Simon Peter, and brought him to Jesus. Peter became a great preacher of the Gospel and God used him to bring thousands into the church.

That’s what Jesus will do for you! He is too good to keep to yourself. When you meet Him, you will want others to meet Him too. There will be a burning desire within your heart to share Him with all you meet. This desire to share the Savior with others is a good indication of your relationship with Him!