Listen To My Reasons First

Everyone has their reasons why they are the way they are.

They have their reasons why they do certain things, behave or feel certain ways, say or write certain words, think or believe certain thoughts etc.

They always have their reasons everyday, every step, and every choice.

You seldom hear them without the reasons Why!

It is good to know the reasons the way we are, or the way we do things.

It will boost our confidence, our communication skills and a whole range of other things.

But it can become a burden to others when they are compelled to listen to our reasons over and again.

It can irritate others and be a cause for concern when we cannot substantiate our claims, our arguments, or our beliefs anymore.

I would rather say let your "Yes" be "Yes" and your "No" be "No".

You need not always have reasons for who you are or what you do.

A confident look portraying intelligence and likability would do.

It is interesting to see and hear how the fools defend themselves.

But it would be wise not to start an argument with them.

And it would be wiser if we can be contented and happy to do our thing, and let the world pass by, blissful and easy.

Beware not to start contending and arguing.

It may spice up your life for a while.

But then it may make you cry.

Oh yes! I know my reasons why!