Thief Lost Wallet

The police here nabbed two suspects for alleged involvement in a house break-in after finding one of the suspects’ wallet at the crime scene.

The duo were picked up by the police in a house yesterday evening.

Both suspects were brought to the Police Station to assist the police further in their investigation.

The police managed to track down the suspect via his identification card found in the wallet.

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What a good laugh!

I have heard of thieves stealing wallets.

But a thief lost his own wallet! That's news to me!

And with his identification card in it?! Now that is too much. Hahaha!

How can it be?

Moral of the story: If you go stealing, keep your identification details at home. These include your identification card, your fingerprints, shoe print, toe prints, your dropping hairs, etc. Better still, don't steal other people's stuff. Just spend what you have, find some jobs, beg, or go hungry for a while.


samdaddycool said...

This is really funny..