Enjoy Leisure

Works are getting more stressful in today's hectic lifestyle. Many are looking for ways to get rid of stress effectively after a hard day's work. And many are looking for extra energy to uplift, to boost and to energize them and to fill them up with extra power to go through yet another busy day.

Some go for indoor and outdoor exercises to help improve their body's metabolism. They enjoy outdoor exercises like walking, slow jogging, cycling, or mountain hiking. And they enjoy indoor exercises like stationary bicycle, rowing machine, treadmill, stair climbing and home aerobic activities.

Some look for indoor and outdoor games. They play billiards, chess, carom or bridge. They enjoy outdoor games like playing catch with the ball, baseball, or basketball.

Some just love to sit somewhere, sipping a cup of coffee or tea, and relishing plate of snacks while discussing ideas with friends. Others prefer to spend time relaxing with their family somewhere.

There are some who prefer to be alone and unwind in private. They do meditation and yoga to reduce stress, and to attain mental peace and physical well being. They listen to music and sing along to their favorite songs. They watch movie or video to entertain themselves and to stretch their imagination. They read cool books to relax or relieve stress, or as a form of escapism, or as a chance to use their imagination. Some enjoy surfing the web.

There are others who enjoy bars and restaurants. There are also those who enjoy dance clubs and night clubs. And there are some who enjoy all sorts of shopping, including food, clothing, and handbags.

And... there are some who lounge around and doing nothing.LOL

Whatever you do... enjoy your hard-earned leisure and your recreational time.


NaMiDani said...

i enjoy swimming, sipping a cup or coffee with friends. i dont know why after work hard..., i just wanna go out and meet stranger and talk. just light talk.


yeokeehui@gmail.com said...

I believe everyone needs a rest and enjoy their hard-earned cash. Enjoy work enjoy life.