The Farmers Enjoy Their Work

A group of farmers is getting ready to go to the farm. It is a clear and sunny morning.

As they walk along the narrow path to their farm, everyone is seen smiling, chatting, laughing out loud or humming some nice tunes. It is a refreshing morning where the morning dew can still be felt in the air. It is just wonderful when the cool breeze continue to blow through the body.

And so the group of farmers begin their new day of work.

The harvest is plentiful. It is a wide stretch of yellow ripen paddy farm. There is so much to do.

The farmers put down their loads and rest for a moment. Sipping some well-brew coffee or tea and puffing a stick of cigarette. Then start another round of talking and laughing.

The farmers get ready to harvest the paddy. They start to look serious, planning and doing their respective tasks. There they are, very organized, doing what they are called to do and what they are good in doing. Everyone is contemplating how to do the works well. Silence rules, though here and there, you can hear some traffic noise, the chirping of the birds, and the flowing of the stream.

The weather is fine and cool. The farmers are cheerful and of high spirit. And they accomplish much in just a short time.

The farmers then has a short break, and you can see that they really relax. Another round of coffee or tea, another stick of cigarette, and another round of talking and laughing.

The work continues until noon. The farmers are working hard without a hint of complaint or frustration.

Then they rest for their lunch time. And they eat heartily and are satisfied. Feeling exhausted, some of them take a nap. Some go ahead sharing some topics of interest. Nonetheless, they really rest from their work.

After lunch, another round of work. This time takes longer still, under the blazing hot sun. Big drops of sweats all over their sun-tanned bodies. But there is no time to spare, the harvest must be done fast. No one grumbles and no one talk unnecessarily. It is another round of hard and tedious work.

The cool evening wind has arrived. The sunset just beyond comprehension. The farmers are ready to go home. It is a fulfilling and meaningful day. They have work their hearts out. Everyone is bring home a broad and beautiful smile, ready to have dinner together.

This is work. This is life. And the farmers are enjoying every single bit of it. LOL.


Secondary Roads said...

What a beautiful word picture. Makes feel like I am there, and that I am welcome. It was nice to take a break from the snow and ice of Michigan winter.

Sandy said...

Hard work and a sense of accomplishment is indeed fulfilling.

People need purpose, those not working crave it.

welcome mats always out