Take A Second Look In Everything We Do

Some people work hurriedly through life. They do things simply and don't seem to care. They do what they are told or taught to do and that's it. They always take a quicker and an easier route to complete all their tasks, making sure that they have enough time to do what they really enjoy. To them, life is too short to worry about others.

Some people work aimlessly through life. They waste much time, resources and money, and don't seem to mind. Their works are never organized. And they don't prioritize. They are busy talking than getting their works done. And they have a bad habit of putting blames on others for any shortcoming or failure.

Some people work reluctantly through life. They work very slowly and carelessly, and they don't seem to worry. To them, life is so boring that they do not even know how to pass the day! They have nothing to talk about their work and they can't wait for the day to die.

But there are people who work with purpose and passion throughout their lives. They pay much attention to what and how they do, and they take responsibilities seriously. At the end of the day, they accomplish their tasks with a broad smile on their face, fully satisfied.

I think we will enjoy life more if we put our hearts into our works and give our life in service to men. And I believe we must always take a second look in everything we do.


The Fitness Diva said...

Passion in your work is very important, and you are lucky if you are able to do a thing that you're passionate about and get paid for it.

I think that most people don't feel passion for their work because their job is just a job...they wouldn't be doing it if not for the paycheck.
This does lead to a boring, unfulfilled life, unless you have other things outside your work that you can do to feel fulfilled and happy.
Great article!

Star-chuu said...

I described myself in the fourth paragraph, loving your work every day and learn new things, is one essential things that could help individual to be effective and efficient in every task given to you. One of course,you can learn how to manage your time, dedication to your work can help you to become productive. In the last part of your life, you can achieve things that you wanted to be with a great smile to everyone around. God bless.

comeliness said...

Doing everything with utmost care and taking time to enjoy other things make life extra special everyday...

Nothing compares in fulfilling a balanced life. Know what matters to you and value it as much as you can

Thanks for commenting on my blog


yeokeehui@gmail.com said...

It is good to know that out there someone somewhere is still enjoying their work and their life. Sometimes, it is unbearable to hear all the grumblings and grievances out there.