My Rocking Chair

Sitting on a rocking chair, staring at the distance hill, admiring the beauty of the surrounding housing estates and landscape, drawing longer breaths of fresh and cool air, and beholding busy people chasing after hectic lifestyles can really bring peace and joy incomprehensible. All of a sudden, everything seems to calm down and life seems to have come to a standstill.

Sometimes, getting away from our normal pace of life for a time of rest and relaxation can really do great wonders to both our body and our soul. All of us know and recognize that, but only few who are really striving to create times to enjoy that little moment of rest and leisure.

Modern life is too fast-paced. More and more people are feeling increasingly stressed and impatient. We all need to calm down a little to recover ourselves and to once again enjoy our life. After all, the chief end of man is to worship and to enjoy God forever.

I enjoy my 10 minutes break rocking a chair. Sometimes it drags on for another few minutes. Sometimes I eventually doze off in the afternoon breeze and start to snore. Whatever it is, I feel refreshed and ready for another round of activities.

I never intent to have an afternoon nap in the first place. I just want to rock my chair, relax my mind and enjoy my moment of peace, my moment of rest and my moment of inactivity. I rock my chair back and forth, I swing my hands, and let my foot and my leg kind of jiggle lifelessly. Should I go into a nap, I do it unintentionally...... It just happens naturally.

So I sleep... so I snore... so I am relieved, refreshed, and renewed for new challenges...Come what may... I'm ready...LOL.

Enjoy your life.


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Always a good idea to take a break and put some fun in your life . . . or take a little nap and just relax a bit. My dad was great at this!

Pushhyarag said...

Like this approach Yeokeehui. Regular rejuvenation works wonders and increases productivity. Deep breaths with some effort to harmonize the cycles can further enhance the result. said...

I believe slowing down our life a little once in a while can help us make a better decision, and keep us fit and strong.