Manage Your Stress!

When we are stressful, we feel very tired. Our moods change all the time. And we cannot concentrate on our works.

When we are stressful, some of us will cry or laugh for no reason. Others just can't sleep. And some may have serious headaches and heartaches all the time.

When we are stressful, some of us become fearful of our surroundings. Others have nightmares every single night. And some may have sweaty palms all the time.

When we are stressful, some of us always feel hungry and thirsty. Others easily provoked and wanting a fight or a quarrel. And some may prefer to indulge in sinful living.

Some stress really hurts and spoils our life all the time.....

Nonetheless, we must manage our stress well.

  • Avoid all negative thinking.
  • Avoid jumping to conclusions too fast.
  • Avoid over-exaggerating the real situations.
  • Avoid being too sensitive about what others think and say.
  • Good stress management can spur us to greater success in life.
  • In life, there is no easy way out; no pain no gain.
Enjoy your life by managing your stress. Do you agree with me?


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I have another one--avoid the computer!

Seriously, I came across a good post at "A Simple Life" that lists many good suggestions for handling stress called "De-Stress." Here's the link to it:

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with you. Good stress management can spur us indeed to greater success in life. Though my daily headaches didn't disappear, but I learned to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us all alike more than prior, and thus my living with the disability opened my eyes for all hardships could be changed into the gratitude for the remaining alive. My complaints for self was changed into the appreciation of the eternal values. Thus it may be said that my sickness awaken my desire to spread the gratitude - to participate in the life of the rejoicing at the light we still have. said...

Thanks for your comments. Sometimes we take stress for granted, not knowing that it is sinking into our face. By the time we know it, we have begun to complain and struggle, hurting many others.

Mike said...

I found several stress management tips, techniques and suggestions every where. But in my personal experience I feel that everyone should need a self motivation and some little support to beat stress initially. One should develop good habits which gives positive energy to fight against stress.