Coconut Water

I love coconut water, and so are my family.

Every time when we are back to the village, we will look for coconut trees. My father-in-law will climb the trees, choose the really young coconuts so the juice is sweeter, and bring down at least 8-10 coconuts for us.

We will sit in a circle, waiting for him to cut open the coconuts, pour the coconut water into two big jugs, and serve us with the tender coconut meat. The children are waiting with their mouth waters. They rush for the drink and the coconut meat as soon as possible. Seeing them enjoying the coconut give us great joy, and we all have a hearty laugh.

Some of the children will prefer to poke a hole and insert a straw to drink the coconut water. So sometimes we play fool with them by shaking hard the coconuts. The coconut water spills out on their face and everyone is laughing away.

We drink coconut water when the weather is especially hot and humid. Then we rush to the river and soak ourselves in the river for a long while. It is so satisfying and fulfilling.

Yeah, we all love coconut water. LOL