A Cup Of Hot Coffee

In my younger days, I enjoyed sipping a cup of hot coffee before I started my day. Sometimes I soaked many pieces of biscuits into it and took them slowly as my breakfast. Then I carried my school beg and walked to school feeling satisfied. I didn't have the luxury of drinking Milo, chocolate drink and condensed milk. I had only plain black coffee and sometimes tea.

But the aroma of freshly brewed coffee always makes me wide awake and stimulate me for a long while even until today. Oh! yummy coffee.

Not many people can brew tasty and delicious coffee at home. That is probably why coffee addicts always enjoy their coffee in well-known coffeeshops. Even the best coffee powder cannot help, if you don't have the ability and skill to brew coffee.

I enjoy sipping a mug of black hot coffee at one corner of a coffeeshop. I really enjoy this half an hour break. Sometimes I also had a bowl of hot noodles.

I enjoy looking at people enjoying their coffee. Sometimes they shake their head not because the coffee is tasteless, but rather to indicate that the coffee's taste is incredibly nice. Everyone looks very relaxed and sipping away their coffee slowly and happily.

....I still salivate when I smell the aroma of coffee fragrance in the air. And I am sipping a cup of a really hot coffee right now. lol

Do you love coffee?


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Nope, no coffee drinkers here. We drink milk. My dad never drank coffee either.

vhingF said...

I grew up without coffee but when i was in the city to study in university, I saw in restaurants people taking coffee ....

..first they washed the bread on thier coffee mug then later they also drink the coffee..lol...and...

now... I'm doing it here in abroad. it's funny but feeling happy remembering the time where I was be.