A Little Walk Can Help

Walking along the corridor of a classroom block, I kept my cool and looked sternly at the students who remained outside the classroom when the bell had rung 10 minutes ago. Many of them rushed into the classroom sheepishly and the rest went in slowly after another few looks. I smiled within, knowing that by showing a solemn and serious face sometimes did help to maintain the discipline of the school.

Classes seemed to get quieter as I passed slowly by. Students tended to sit up straight, opened their books, and looked straight at their teachers. And teachers also showed more confidence and seriously delivered their lessons. Yeah, a little walk can help many others.

The plants and the flowers outside the classroom block were well taken care of. The surrounding was clean and conducive to learning activities. I could hear the birds chirping and felt the cool breeze. It was a beautiful day and I was enjoying my walk.

Then I noticed two school boys outside a classroom. I wondered why they were not in their class. As I approached them, they walked slowly away. But I followed them, widening my strides. Then they finally walked toward me, and I inquired as to where they were going. The boys seemed hesitant to answer, but one of them finally told me that his trousers had torn and he didn't know what to do. I advised him to see the student affairs senior assistant, which he quickly complied. I could see their thankful faces as they hastened to the office.

Thank God for the little walk; it helps me and many others.