Work Hard And Live On

This morning I saw a shop assistant busy tying up little bundles of vegetable.

He put several stalks of vegetable together, gripped them tightly with one hand, and tied them with the other hand. He looked very skillful in his task and he seemed to enjoy his work. Once in a while he grinned to himself.

He looked more like people from a neighboring country. Traveling far from home, he came all the way here to make a living, and sent most of his salary home for his family. He was in his mid or late 20's. he looked weak and thin. But he had a quiet confidence in all that he did.

I am surprised to see more and more foreign workers flooding the local market. I have read and heard about the local people who are always complaining about the influx of the foreign workers, yet they are unwilling to accept the low wages and the poor working conditions.

I believe no one is to be blamed in this issue, for whoever is interested and willing to work will get the job. After all, it is worldwide economic recession, and everyone is searching and looking for job.

High time for us to change our attitudes towards work. We mustn't complain too much when the pay is low, when the nature of the job is tough and exhausting, or when the work is dirty and mundane.

Let's take up the challenge to work and live on.


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Ratty said...

Sometimes hard work is a very good thing. Often when you see a hard worker, you see an honest one.