Decisions Take Time

Lately my country is having 3 by-elections. Candidates and supporters from the ruling parties and the opposition parties are seen organizing rallies and visiting voters from door to door to garner supports. They try every means and opportunity to convince the voters that they deserve their individual votes. The voters are getting more confused these days. They become more indecisive when it comes to select the right candidate for their constituency. Sometimes I wonder whether these campaigns are necessary to "help" the voters to make the "correct" choice.

So are our beloved children. They are always confused about the right courses to take to further their studies. With the ever present pressures from their parents, relatives, teachers and friends, they are becoming even more hesitant and frustrated. Sometimes, without we realizing it, our insistence and persistence in forcing our children to take certain courses have shattered their dreams and hopes for a bright future. High time for us to sit down with our children, listen to them carefully, and help them to get organized to realize their dreams.

So are the young lovers. They are always confused about love. Love is blind, it can take over your mind and drive you crazy. With the instant love and love at first sight popularized in today’s media, many are unable to figure out the follies they have committed until it is too late. Sad and painful stories of broken relationships and marriages have shattered many hearts. If only love can be nurtured slowly and carefully, it will grow strong and last longer. How sad to see young people being pressured to make wrong decisions. The cuts are deeper and the scars are forever.

As I grow in years, I become more certain that we need to give each other enough time to make decisions.

But the next question is always the same, "How long?"


^^JaMA said...

nice post. i agree with your point about teenagers being foolish for the sake of "love". I too, am a teenager, so i can see this happening. sad.

by the way, i love your posts. keep it up. :)

Aron Sora said...

I agree with your post, I fell in love with space because of wondering through out the Internet. I was into so many things, but I allows did something related to space. It took me until I was 17 years old to see that, but I now know that this is my passion. I even wanted to become a game developer at one point, but that bored me over time, space has never bored me. But, once again, I saw that in reflection.