Alone In Strange Places

Have you ever woken up one morning, not knowing what to do next?

You then go somewhere.

Sometimes you do window shopping. Sometimes you enjoy food in an eatery. Sometimes you take a stroll in a garden. Sometimes you visit a museum or gallery........

But for most of your time there, you go aimlessly with an empty mind and an emotionless heart. You are wandering around, wondering things and thinking things, and just don't know what else to do.

Strange people move around in strange places!

And I like strange places and enjoy them all.

I like loitering around during the weekend holidays or when I am really free and have all the time to myself.


Moving and staying somewhere in a strange place can be really fun.

For a moment we can just stay still and see the world revolving around us.

Here we behold lots of funny happenings.

Here we see how people behave and interact.

Here we see many hand gestures and body movements, facial expressions and emotional reactions, and walking styles and techniques.

Here we can just enjoy ourselves looking around.

Here we don't have to put on a superficial mask and behave what we are not.

No one seems to mind if we lean against a wall or pillar of a building.

No one will take notice if we sit with folded legs or crossed legs.

No one will look at us for long even if we look around awkwardly and longingly at people around.

No one will mind if we occupy a place for a long time, reading newspaper, book or magazine, or simply talking alone.


Everyone needs a little rest.

It doesn't matter what we do or where we go.

Too much of a busy time has tired us out and weighs us down.

Everyone tries to escape from their daily routines, boredom and frustration.

Everyone wants a change in their lives.

Everyone wants to refresh their spirit and soul.

And everyone wants some personal quality time to themselves.

Moving around in strange places will help.

It really doesn't matter where we go, locally or around the world.

We just want to do something different.

Come on, we just want to be left alone for a little while!