Simple Thoughts Of A Simple Man

It was really dark in the morning when I woke up. The rumbling peals of thunder and the bright flashes of lightning were rather noisy and scary, and they were moving nearer. Strangely, there was not much strong wind blowing. Everywhere was quiet and still, not even the barking of dogs and the moving of vehicles. Then suddenly the rain came down in fat droplets, slapping against the rooftop, making so much noise and sound.

It was a cooling and refreshing Monday morning. It was 30 minutes before my daughter and I went to school. We had to act fast before we were too late for class.

We had enjoyed our breakfast, taken our bath, changed our clothes, and got ourselves ready. Time for a little family chat and off we went.

The rain was not heavy at all except for the intermittent bursts of rain. Anyway, the sky was still too dark to make any sensible judgment. We got into the van and had the engine started after a few tries. The engine was too cold to start the day, I smiled to myself.

The journey was rather smoothed but slow. But I had to switch on the headlights to see the way clearly. Occasionally, I had to flick the wipers to life. There were no many vehicles around. But it was better to stay alert since everyone was driving at different speeds and braking at different points.

Upon reaching the school gate, there was a huge queue of traffic in front. Most parents were trying to drop their children very near to the gate.

The rain was getting heavy, and the wind stronger when I reached my parking place. I stepped down from the van and had a good look around before I got hold of my laptop and my tea container.

I lingered for a while, waiting for the rain to slow down a little. A little patience did help; the rain did slow down and I then took a shortcut to my office.

Sometimes our life is like that. A little trouble can make us ponder. A little ponder will then make us act. A little doing will bring us success. And a little patience will save our day. But too much worry is no good; it makes us upset. Too much thinking is no good; it gives us headache. Too much doing is also no good, its makes us dead tired and lazy. Add a little spice and a little excitement to our life and you will be able to see the differences.

And those are some simple thoughts of a simple man; it is always a journey of discovery and growth and contentment.