Teachers' Main Concern

What do you think of teachers today?

What do you think is their main concern in school?

After 25 years teaching, I have asked the same question over and again.


We have many teachers in school today.

We have many students in virtually every class.

Everyone has different ideas about their teachers and students, and about their teaching and learning.

And there are many people out there in our societies who love to suggest and teach teachers and students what to do in school.


What do you think of teachers' main concern today?

Are teachers merely deliverers of the word to produce knowledgeable, capable and employable students?

Are teachers' main concern to produce sport champions? How about capable and respected businessmen and society leaders?

What do you think is teachers' main concern?


A fellow teacher was grumbling and complaining about his students' behavior.

I could see his frustration, despair, and anger.

I looked at him with love, concern and understanding.

And I believed his concern was well-founded and his comments entirely appropriate.

He had been teaching for more than 30 years.

He seldom gave up or broke down simply.

But what I saw in him for the past few weeks frightened me.

But I didn't think those students knew his love and passion for them.


Imagine seeing students going against their teacher's sound advice.

Imagine seeing them retaliating and threatening their teachers.

Imagine hearing students lying to their teachers.

Imagine hearing them speaking bad about their teachers.

And imagine noticing the many obscene words and pictures about their teachers on the walls.


It is not easy to be a teacher these days.

Young teachers give up too easily after a few years.

Older teachers get burnt out and retire early.

Seasoned teachers teach on common grounds,

Trying to stay nice and make it through the day.

They no longer teach what they know to them.

They only teach what the students want to hear.

They only teach when the students want to hear.

And they only teach those who want to hear.

Just go and teach, and then go home.

It is just another job after all.


Oh, teachers........

What do you think is your main concern?


burn078 said...

This is nice post. What is the main concern of a teacher? This question made me think of something.

Well, my main concern is to let my student realize how important their learning and values in facing the world today.