Everybody Goes Home

There will come a time when we must go home.

We talk about it and then we get ready.

We carry our knapsacks and we start on our way home.


It may be a short distance away or it may be a long journey of many days, depending on where we live, and where is our home.

But we have made up our mind and the decision is final: we must go home.

It maybe that we have planned it before or after a few days trip.

Or it maybe because we are extremely bored and dejected after wandering away from home for many years.

Or it may have been a hard decision made after the stubborn heart gives way.

Yes, it's time to go home, we sigh and cry.


Many things happen along the way, with many stops and hesitations.

There are always surprise gifts and presents to buy.

There are also those pondering and musing moments, thinking and planning about what to say and do when reaching home.

But it doesn't matter, the prodigal son is going home now, and the father will be waiting........

Yes, he will be waiting.......

Mother nature tells us so. The bird has its nest, the fox its hole, and a man his home.

Yes, everybody goes home........ and comes together.


It doesn't matter where our home is.

Our home maybe in another town or city, with its modern comforts and conveniences.

Coming together somewhere will be nice; it strengthens our family ties and bonds.

Or our home is a hut in a remote village deep in the wood, where life is less complicated and confusing.

Here, there are the familiar smoke of burning firewood, the cheerful faces of barefooted children, and the friendly country folks carrying rattan backpack basket brimming with jungle produces.

Here we will chat, smile and laugh freely and unpretentiously.

Or our home is by the seashore.

Here we will enjoy the peace and tranquility of the calm sea during sunrise and sunset.

Here we will study the never-ending roaring, surging and tossing of the angry sea, and the determination and perseverance of the seafaring fishermen.

Here we will see real life in action, how men toils and works with two hands, under the providence and grace of God.

But it doesn't matter; we just want to go home.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder and nothing is more joyful and fulfilling than meeting the eyes of many familiar faces.

All have grown! All have grown!

Tears well up in the eyes and stream down the face.

It is really heartbreaking and heartwarming!

Home. Finally home.

Then the rounds of handshakes, waving, hugging and kissing.

Home, finally home.

Everybody goes home.

Yes, everybody goes home.


Positive said...

Hi, i am happy to comment and drop my entrecard here. Anyway, is this a poet? You are looks enjoy yourPositive Life so much..my friend.

carol esguerra colborn said...

Thanks for dropping in on my blog! Great discussion!

Vixen/Apron Frenzy said...

That is beautiful. I love going home. And I love having my kids come home. This just so well describes the feelings.