Grooming A Winner

We are all born a winner.

We always desire to excel in everything we do.

Our childhood years are filled with stories and incidents of how we excel over others in singing, dancing, playing, arguing, clapping, participating.......

Somehow we really don't want to lose out against our relatives and friends.

And if possible, we want to dominate over them, by hook or by crook.

Then we go to school.

We use the same culture.

We want to excel in academic studies, training and competitions.

We are also keen and active in various clubs, sports, and games.

Nothing matters more than winning.......

When we step into adulthood, the desire to win has never left us.

we want social recognitions and benefits.

We want to conquer over all and have everyone look up to us.

Many of us will never be satisfied with all that we have.

We continue to fight, to win, and to crave for more.......

Over the years, we have many trophies to bring home, many records to show, and many stories to tell.

But equally true is the fact that we cannot win everything.......

We fail miserably in certain quests, we have many sad episodes to hide, and many reasons and excuses to make.

It is depressing to hear that we have no more place in the society, when everyone calls us a loser and a loner, or when we are addressed as useless people good for nothing.

No one desires that sort of remarks.

But it is often hurled at others for personal gains and interests.

It is not good to repeatedly make that sort of remarks and comments to others.

Instead, we should help them to excel too.

No one wants to be classified as a loser anyway.

It inhibits the psychological growth and emotional maturation of the person concerned.

In fact, most of us parents won't do that sort of things to our children and loved ones.

We need to groom a winner.

It is delightful to see little children develop and grow when they are guided and encouraged to do things on their own.

They may have many heart breaking attempts before they can stand up and walk steadily.

They may stumble on their speech and talk incomprehensibly before they can pronounce the first word correctly.

We may need a lot of patience and perseverance to instill learning, but it benefits everyone.

Pushing our thoughts, feelings and actions to influence and affect others may bring benefits to us, but it may hurt others.

And it may not be desirable to some of us.

If possible, let us help others to grow and excel.

I wonder how the tortoise felt when he lost the running race to the rabbit.

He might feel sad for a while.

But he should know that he was not made for the running race.

I believe he felt happy after "he helped the rabbit to win".

It is rewarding and satisfying to see the smile on the rabbit face.

It is exciting and fulfilling to hear him speak about his success.

Winning is not everything, but the effort to win is.

We may not be a winner every time.

But we can help and see others start winning.

Let's help spot and groom a winner.


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